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All Terrain - Women's Climbing Kit - Accessories
All Terrain - Women's Climbing Kit - Accessories
40 $   
ShoesPad.com is proud to offer the All Terrain - Women's Climbing Kit - Accessories: All Terrain won't leave you hanging. They've got all your climbing necessities covered. Kit includes: Recovery Rub&trade:, TerraSport SPF30+, Lip Armor SPF25, Therapeutic Foot Rub, Healing Hand Rub and Aloe Gel Skin Repair. Whether focusing on projects around your home or pushing yourself to the limit in the wild, All Terrain's Remedy Rubs naturally soothe and protect. Proven effective under extreme conditions for sore muscles and joint pain. Quickly relieves pain from the day's strain and is great for before activity to loosen up. All Terrain's Remedy Rubs use traditional, healing ingredients for their therapeutic benefits. TerraSport SPF30+ is non-greasy and sweat proof, making it great for any outdoor activity. Tested by climbers in the Himalayas to perform in even the most rigorous conditions. Contains Z-Cote which is great for sensitive skin. Z-Cote is FDA recognized as Category One skin protectant. Reduced eye sting for sensitive eye area. No slip - dry grip so you're ready to go. Sweat proof / water resistance for active lifestyles. Lip Armour SPF25 provides UVA/UVB protection and healing balm so you're ready for whatever life brings. Hemp oil, sweet almond oil, shea butter and vitamin E keep your lips supple in the harshest conditions. Therapeutic Foot Rub (2oz) for aching feet and ankles. Treat your feet after work or play. Sooth, relax, heal and refresh. Aloe Gel Skin Repair (6oz) promotes the healing process from minor burns, skin irritations and dryness. High quality aloe (10% polysaccharides) plus traditional healing herbs. Healing Hand Rub soothes and helps heal cracked, chapped rough hands that work hard. Comes in a handy plastic/mesh carrying case.
 SKU 72844781
All Terrain: All Terrain Natural Remedies Kits
All Terrain: All Terrain Natural Remedies Kits
All Terrain: All Terrain Natural Remedies Kits: All Terrain Natural Remedies were developed by and for outdoor enthusiasts who expect high performance in themselves and the products they use. It doesn't matter if climbing, hiking, camping, swimming, gardening or simply working around the yard. For All Terrain, first and foremost, the products must work. All Terrain's products pass the test. All Terrain is a company that has grown from a passion for the outdoors. It is based on fun, friendship and the desire to protect the environment using all natural ingredients. They are biodegradable and the packaging is made from recycled, recyclable and/or biodegradable material. Whether you re looking for All Terrain Recovery Rub, All Terrain TerraSport SPF30+, All Terrain Lip Armor SPF25, or All Terrain Sanz spray, ShoesPad.com has you covered!.
 SKU 722668649


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